Eva Guillén
Artist & Musician

Eva Guillén is known as an swedish artist in acrylics and oil paintings and the music band “The Cooties”. Check us out, I have resently started painting only in ecological oil paintings. Some old  paintings are still in acrylics, just tell me if you want a copy in oil instead.

Galleri Fontán

Resently in april 2020 I had a Vernissage att Galleri Fontán, att Fontänhuset in Lund. I was caught by the corona, so I couldn´t make it, but my mom came and took all of my new pictures and art pieces to Galleri Fontán, and Victoria Lesinska, who is a well known artist and musician in Lund, and member of my former band (look att the music video, scroll down), she was able to take care of it all. Thank you so much. See you next time. Take care of eachother in corona times. /eva

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Eva Guillén & The Cooties:


Me as an artist in paintings, I try to see all of the art in a childs perspectives. I just like what I see. There are some artists tho I like too. I like Carolina Gynning and Pablo Picasso. I like to study their looks and how they make their themes eyes.