Hi beautiful people, soon new Vernissage in Lund 2020

I´m happy to anounce that I´ve made this page so that you can check out my artpieces and stuff I like to do, in my speartime. Somebody asked me one day: “What would you do if there was no money problem? What would you do if you can do exactly what you want to do without boundaries?”. My answer was to do art. Now I´ve also starting, painting in oil because I find it much more eco friendly. Checkout my blog about skincare and petroleoum products people use on their faces and on children, acrylics are also petrochemical, and I want to start something better… Oh and yes, My third vernissage is in Lund at Fontänhuset, Kävlingevägen15, 22652 Lund. 1:th of April 2020. Welcome.

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