Welcome to my Vernissage in Lund 1:th April 2020


Hi there beautiful people. What is your mission no 1 in your life? I live for letting people feeling good. Most of my paintings become hearts. I´m not often concious about what is happening as I paint. I see the result and can say what´s all about. I just love painting. I´m going to try more in next upcomming paintings, more like Vedic Art. I like the strong colors, and I see it as the child. I like it or I don´t. But often when I paint I feel like it depends on my mood. If I´m very happy I´m darn good at doing this. Believe me I´ve painted some aweful stuff to, I never show. Next Vernissage is in LUND: Kävlingevägen15, 22652 Lund. 1:th of April 2020

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